Expand Your Consciousness


Spiritual & Personal Growth

Learn the life-changing skills in just a few minutes a day with the Mind. Find lessons and tools on astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, dreams, meditation, subconscious and more. Download Mind to expand your consciousness and explore your spiritual and psychic self beyond your wildest imagination!


Learn many different topics about the Body, Spirit and the Mind, with the help of our 5-minute lessons.

  • MEDITATION - learn to calm your mind and body while having lucidity, a must-learn for all spiritual and psychic exploration

  • DREAMS - a reality created by our subconscious mind, without lucidity

  • LUCID DREAM - a dream in which you become aware you are dreaming

  • OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE - OBE, astral projection, astral travel - separating spirit from the body, while maintaining lucidity

  • EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION - ESP, intuition, being psychic

  • REMOTE VIEWING - a scientific psychic (ESP) protocol that anyone can learn.

  • Shamanic Journey - ancient spiritual practice of traveling to the spirit (or astral) world

  • PSYCHIC HEALING - heal yourself and others using the mind alone

  • AFTERLIFE - what happens with our spirit at the end?

  • SPIRITUALITY - non-material spirit is part of who you are

  • And new topics are coming!


Use a set of tools that will help you practice and improve
your psychic and spiritual skills - from intuition to lucid dream
and so much more!

  • Create Your OBE Technique

  • Meditation Tracker

  • Habit Assistant

  • Lucid Dream Reminders & Reality Checks

  • ESP Trainer

  • Shamanic Journey

  • Daily Practice Targets

  • Ideogram Drill

  • Vocabulary Trainer

Track your progress! Keep a detailed track of all your dreams, lucid dreams, psychic visions, spiritual experiences, astral projection and more with the help of our journal and see how you improve over time

  • Daily Journal

  • Detailed Stats